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Why a car club that is masonic?

You might well be asking why not just have an ordinary car club – why involve Freemasonry? Being a member of a car club is great – there’s lots of banter, help and support – so what’s the point of adding freemasonry into the mix?

Freemasonry has been around for hundreds of years – long long before the organisation that came together over 300 years ago to co-ordinate all the separate lodges, known as the United Grand Lodge of England. In that time, it has spread all over the World, and wherever you may go you will be sure to find a masonic lodge somewhere close by. The core principals of Freemasonry can be described in four simple words: Integrity. Respect. Friendship. Charity. Whilst there are many car clubs across the globe that possess some of those attributes, there are scarce few that can boast to offer all of them, and that are part of a global network.

If you’d like to find out more about what makes this group so special, read on further on this website or if you would like to make contact you can reach the Primus Master Designate, Chris Wagstaff (and currently the secretary of Henley’s Temple Island Lodge ) where he’d be delighted to talk to you,