Meet Chris B

The Treasurer Elect

I grew up in a village north east of Oxford, where my mother ran the local PO/store and my father had an engineering/ steel fabrication business, so I grew up surrounded by agricultural machinery, old military vehicles and a workshop full of machine tools. When I left school, I went to work at John Allens in Cowley, where I completed a five year apprenticeship as a toolmaker. I then had several jobs, including 11 years rebuilding lift trucks during which time I married Anne.

My father-in-law introduced me to freemasonry and I became a member of Weyland lodge in 1979.  Soon after I started my own business manufacturing hyd. Rams and other machined parts. This delayed my progress in Masonry, only reaching the chair of Weyland in 1998. I am currently DC.

I also am active in Chapter. Knight Templar and Rose Croix.  I was Active Prov. SGW in 2017/18.

Chris’s Foden DG (1938)

Being naturally practical and interested in anything mechanical, especially lorries (they are not called trucks) I have rebuilt at least eight, mainly Fodens (5) with the odd Ford (2) and an AEC (1).  I currently have a Foden DG (1938), AEC Militant(1956), Ford Thames Trader (1960) Ford Model AA (1932) and a Range Rover Classic Vogue SE (1995) and several ongoing projects.