Meet Nigel

The Lodge’s Assistant Director of Ceremonies Designate

I joined Masonry about 30 years ago I was a medical rep covering the whole country and used to stay with friends in Devon, and Peter, my friend, always seemed to be at Lodge when I stayed so I thought if you cant beat em join em! So I made enquiries and I was initiated into Hampden Lodge (6290) in Thame in 1990. We were comparatively new to Thame at this time and found that we immediately had a new group of friends! Hampden is an unusual lodge in that, when we meet, our ladies go out for a meal as well so it meant new friends for Alison, my wife, too!

I get a lot of satisfaction out of the work the Freemasons do in the local area of Thame. We help to fund the Old Folks Christmas Party and whilst I was Master of Hampden Lodge I was able to fund a doppler for use in the local GP Practice, This is apart from the work done nationally by Freemasons.

I was very surprised when visiting New Zealand a few years ago we visited Shanty Town in the South Island where I met the Master and Treasurer of Advance Mawhera Lodge No 61 and was invited to their meeting. Unfortunately we had a hotel booked in Franz Joseph that night so had to decline. My point is you have friends at the other end of the world when you are a Freemason!

Six years after joining Hampden I was the owner of a 1966 Morris Minor convertible and wrote to our then local paper and suggested we form a Classic Motor Club in Thame. We met in a local pub and 12 people turned up. We are still going with an average of 60 members we have 2 tours a year one continental in Spring and one in October in the UK. Four members of the Classic Motor Club have since become members of Hampden Lodge and 3 members belong to other lodges.

We enjoy our vehicles with a monthly meeting, Pride of Ownership, Treasure Hunts, Summer Barbecue etc. This is why I am pleased to be a founder of the Sir William Morris Lodge as the ethos is the same – let’s enjoy our two interests Masonry and classic or sports cars.

I now have a foot in both camps having a 1962 Morris Minor Convertible called Mildred which belongs to my wife Alison and a 2001 MGF Trophy 160 called Marigold which is mine.